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AI for people | Aliya Grig (Founder & CEO @Evolwe AI )

AI for people | Aliya Grig (Founder & CEO @Evolwe AI )

"ChatGPT is not enough to solve the world's most complex problems" - Aliya Grig

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Aliya Grig is the founder of Evolwe AI, a deep tech company known for creating the first empathetic and conscious AI for human-like interactions and personalized experiences. Aliya is also the founder of The Cosmos City, an edutainment center and innovation hub for space tech startups. As an AGI researcher, Aliya Grig developed a cutting-edge AGI architecture that integrates various principles from consciousness studies, neuroscience, and cognitive science to create a more advanced and adaptable system. Lastly, Aliya is also a Karman Space Foundation member and a mentor at a Growth Mentor platform. Here’s an overview of our conversation:

  • Intelligence vs. consciousness (0:00)

  • What motivated Aliya to pursue artificial general intelligence? (3:45)

  • The differences between academic and private research (15:42)

  • How to balance research with product building (21:49)

  • Will AI kill us all? (26:40)

  • How to avoid second-order effects (33:29)

  • Gaming and user interactions (38:14)

  • Optimizing the search process (42:48)

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