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Beyond the black box | William Bakst (Co-founder @ SOTAI)

Beyond the black box | William Bakst (Co-founder @ SOTAI)

"AI is going to touch every single facet of our lives, if not already, then in the next 10 years." - William Bakst, Sotai.ai

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William Bakst is the co-founder and CEO of SOTAI AI, a company that assists other businesses in leveraging their data effectively with the use of AI by providing transparent models that go beyond black box modeling. In this episode, William delves into the potential of AI, the uncertainties surrounding its future impact on society, and the potential dangers of not properly understanding AI systems. He also emphasizes the importance of a balanced perspective on AI, combining optimism with realism. Here's an overview of our discussion:

  1. Introduction and background (0:00)

  1. The transformative potential of AI and the concept of AGI (5:10)

  1. The rise of AI and the importance of understanding AI systems (14:48)

  1. Balancing optimism and realism in the AI landscape (24:00)

  1. The concept of sentience in AI and the Turing Test (35:00)

  1. Conclusion and contact information (45:34)

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• Email: will@sotai.ai

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