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Emotion: the next frontier for data | Shaan Bassi (Co-founder @ Kouo)
Emotion: the next frontier for data | Shaan Bassi (Co-founder @ Kouo)
"You can change the world by understanding how it feels, one emotion at a time" - Shaan Bassi

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Shaan Bassi is a co-founder @ Kouo, an emotional analytics company that helps product teams interpret real human emotions from wearable data using AI. Kouo allows companies to create hyper-customised user journeys and experiences while also gaining insights into the emotions that drive retention. In our episode together, Shaan and I discuss how building tools around our users’ emotional needs can not only change individual experiences, but change the way that we think about online content, apps and how we market digital applications. Here’s an overview of our conversation:

Entrepreneurship, emotional recognition, and longevity (0:00)

Building digital products and understanding user emotions (2:15)

Using AI to interpret emotions from wearable data (7:43)

Co-founding, TechStars, and entrepreneurship insights (12:25)

Fundraising for startups with valuable insights (17:22)

Emotional data and its impact on user retention (21:06)

Using audio analysis to understand user experience (26:54)

Emotional data and personalized experiences (31:59)

A peek into the future - aging reversal tech and the ethical implications of life extension (38:08)

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