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From VC to data product builder | Christina Guo (Co- Founder @ Cue AI)
From VC to data product builder | Christina Guo (Co- Founder @ Cue AI)
"If you refuse to die... you just won't" - Christina Guo

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Christina Guo is the co-founder of Cue AI, an AI tool that makes it easier for businesses to get value out of their data. Cue AI adds interactive, customer-facing analytics into a company’s product with the use of data API, front-end components, and a no-code editor. Christina is a graduate and former startup accelerator-head at Cal Berkeley where she spent most of her time helping SaaS and ML startups. Following this, she was one of the first 50 hires at On Deck where she specialized in growth, ops & early-stage investing. Here’s an overview of our conversation:

AI, data, and startup challenges with Christina Guo (0:00)

Data integration and AI in marketing (3:31)

AI adoption, software patterns, and PLG strategies for new startups (7:41)

Growth strategy and data management for startups (14:00)

Leveraging data analytics for growth and customer relationships (17:53)

Entrepreneurship, co-founders, and the importance of shared passion (21:35)

AI misconceptions and its potential in creative work (27:03)

Data-driven decision-making in startups (31:17)

The importance of perseverance in product development (37:29)

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