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How we built the future of product | Animesh Koratana (Founder/CEO @ PlayerZero) and Matt Kasner (GTM Leader @PlayerZero )

How we built the future of product | Animesh Koratana (Founder/CEO @ PlayerZero) and Matt Kasner (GTM Leader @PlayerZero )

"As time progresses, the best engineers are the ones that will be product-minded, and the best product leaders will be the ones who are engineering minded". - Animesh Koratana

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Animesh Koratana is a Stanford AI researcher, inventor, and the founder and CEO of PlayerZero, and Matt Kasner is a GTM leader at PlayerZero, a first of its kind software-quality platform driven by the proprietary NEO engine that helps teams build, fix, and test what’s most important. The company has created the first ever end-to-end platform that correlates customer performance signals to releases, creating a self-improving feedback loop from customers back into the way the product is built and enabling every member of a product team - technical or not, to see what’s breaking and what’s going to break in their product. Here’s an overview of our conversation:

  • Entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and startup growth (7:46)

  • Animesh’s Stanford research experience and foray into entrepreneurship (12:01)

  • AI, product quality, and the role of institutional knowledge in startups (20:35)

  • Joining a startup and growth opportunities (26:19)

  • Product development and customer feedback (35:21)

  • Product-engineering collaboration and the future of product management roles (45:18)

  • Product management insights from comedians and industry leaders alike (55:07)

  • AI's future impact on the workforce and society (59:23)

  • Optimizing sleep and recovery with wearable technology (1:07:04)

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Future of Product Podcast
Future of Product Podcast is a weekly podcast in which Maxwell Matson, writer of Future of Product, sits down with founders and product leaders at rising AI startups to discuss their product journeys, their teams' approach to using AI, and their opinions on the hottest issues in the space.