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My trip to ProductCamp | Maxwell Matson and Co.

My trip to ProductCamp | Maxwell Matson and Co.

"Embrace the AI wave – it's not about replacing, but about amplifying potential and creating new opportunities." - Maxwell Matson

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Once a year, ProductCamp Atlanta hosts a collaborative, participant-organized professional unconference, focused on Product Management, Marketing, and UX topics. For this week’s podcast, I went around and bothered several attendees to try and discover how AI has impacted the role of a product manager in the corporate & startup worlds. At ProductCamp, everyone participates in some manner: presenting, leading a discussion, showcasing a best practice, or sharing their experiences… and everyone has an opinion on AI - here’s a few of them:

  • AI, product management, and marketing (0:00)

  • AI in product development and the potential for AGI (5:38)

  • AI's impact on product management and society (10:07)

  • AI, immortality, and superpowers (15:19)

  • AI's impact on product management roles (19:42)

Where to find Mark Michelson

Where to find Anna McFarland

Where to find Brian Powers

Where to find Ira Ponomarova

Where to find Hali Jewell (President @ ProductCamp)

Where to find Kanesha (Shay) Patterson

Where to find Hyun Soo Lim

Where to find Animesh Koratana

Where to find Matt Kasner

Where to find Jonathan Pierre-Louis

Where to find Jennifer Cozier

Where to find Ankush Singla

Where to find Max Matson

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Future of Product Podcast
Future of Product Podcast is a weekly podcast in which Maxwell Matson, writer of Future of Product, sits down with founders and product leaders at rising AI startups to discuss their product journeys, their teams' approach to using AI, and their opinions on the hottest issues in the space.