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Think human & escape the churn trap | Shane Smith (Founder @ Everetics)
Think human & escape the churn trap | Shane Smith (Founder @ Everetics)
"Success in the tech world isn't just about problem-solving; it's about people-serving. True leaders understand that our greatest achievements come from enabling others to thrive." - Shane Smith

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Shane Smith is the founder of @ Everetics, a customer experience / Saas tool that helps organizations turn their customers into assets. Shane Smith is a SaaS and Customer Experience veteran of over 20 years. Over his career, Shane has built and scaled Support and Service organizations ranging from 20k to 1.4b, led global operations and delivery for small and large companies, and brought multiple new customer revenue streams to market. Here’s an overview of our conversation:

Customer experience and support in the tech industry (0:00)

The trend of de-emphasizing customer success in SaaS companies (4:45)

Optimizing customer experience for financial growth (10:10)

Aligning customer success with finances (14:53)

Support readiness assessments and fractional leadership in the software industry (22:01)

Career path, leadership, and mentorship (27:36)

Customer success and support teams' responsibilities (33:14)

Sales and customer success strategies to maximize customer potential (38:30)

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