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Thinking big with small data | Dr. Jennifer Prendki (Founder @ Alectio)

Thinking big with small data | Dr. Jennifer Prendki (Founder @ Alectio)

"According to OpenAI and Sam Altman himself, basically, we're going to run out of data by like 2025/2026." - Dr. Jennifer Prendki

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Dr. Jennifer Prendki is the founder of Alectio - the DataPrepOps Company™ (by the way, she invented that term). In our conversation, we talk about the drawbacks of big data and how to make the most of small datasets for training AI. Listen on to find out how Jennifer went from PhD in particle physics to leading data science at massive companies, growing startups, and ultimately taking the plunge to start her own entrepreneurship journey with Alectio. Here’s an overview of our conversation:

  • Introduction to Dr. Jennifer Prendki & the impact of science on AI and ML (00:00)

  • Making the jump from particle physics to AI (12:37)

  • Jennifer’s time at Walmart, Atlassian and in the startup space (19:36)

  • What’s the problem with big data? (22:14)

  • Drawing the line between useful and harmful data (31:57)

  • The problem with synthetic data generation (37:30)

  • What the future of AI holds… (40:48)

  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable (49:42)

  • Outro & Jennifer’s most memorable moments as a founder (54:01)

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